Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights Obtained

We help companies with new ideas, products, software, smart phone apps & internet businesses protect their IP (intellectual property). (See IP Procurement and Recent Successes)

IP Lawsuit Defense

We help companies that have been sued for infringement get out fast before it gets expensive. (See Litigation Examples)

Non-infringement, Invalidity, Design Around & IP Clearance

We help companies worried that their new product or trademark may infringe, minimize this risk. (See IP Clearance)

Complex Patent & Trademark Office Proceedings and Appeals

We handle patent appeals, reexamination, reissue, IPR, CBM & PGR (Inter Partes Review, Covered Business Method & Post Grant Review) Trademark oppositions & Petitions to Cancel (See PTO Appeals, IPR, CBM & PGR page)

Due Diligence for Business Deals Involving IP

We help companies keep in assess IP assets and IP risks when buying, selling, financing and/or investing. (See IP Due Diligence)

IP Planning & Strategy

We help companies decide what IP protection to invest in. Most work, except litigation, is flat rate. (See IP Procurement)


Hoffman Patent Group is exclusively a patent, trademark, copyright, and IP law firm. We develop an IP protection strategy that is aligned with your business goals for businesses and start ups intent on commercializing their inventions. Typically the Hoffman Patent Group client is in the $3 to $50 million dollar annual revenue range. This range, from our experience, enables us to work directly with the business owner(s) or second in command, so that we can fully understand the goals of the business. David Hoffman has over 30 years of IP experience. He has worked for larger IP boutique firms, both back east and in Southern California. His engineering degree is from MIT, and his law degree is from University of Pennsylvania.

Hoffman Patent Group only takes new clients when they have been referred.